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CaPi token

Token CaPi is the “share” of the investment portfolio of bonds.

1 year %

CoPi token

Token CoPi is the “share” of the cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

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Crypto Pi

An investment broker that focuses on low-risk technologies for investing and managing cryptocurrency assets when choosing products and projects.

It was founded in the Netherlands in 2017 with one goal – to get the maximum profit by managing the crypto assets of those investors who want to earn money by trading cryptocurrency, but do not want to do it on their own. Yes, this will not be affected by the state or direction of movement of the cryptocurrency market. Yes, without wasting your time. We will do everything ourselves because we know how to do it. Our team has developed solutions for safe work on exchanges that are suitable for investors of any level-beginners and those who are well versed in strategies and markets.

Crypto Pi an international specialized cryptocurrency center created by major global investors.
10 years of experience in asset management.
3 years of work to create own blockchain



CaPi is the “share” of the investment portfolio of bonds. The price of the “share” directly depends on the value of the assets in which the funds are invested. Our goal is to invest money so that this value is constantly growing.

  • The investment policy and portfolio management strategy is based on the model of a classic diversified fund in Europe.
  • Investment strategy in government and corporate bonds with a rating of at least BBB.
  • Investing in large corporate stocks and other highly liquid assets with low volatility and risk.
  • The tokens are supported by a regulated investment fund.
  • Low investment risk at the same time as the average return.
  • The recommended time of ownership of the token is 12 months, the expected yield is 20%, the expected risk of loss is 5-7%.


CoPi is the “share” of the cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The strategy is based on trading the most liquid pairs of cryptocurrencies BTC / USD and ETH / USD on the leading crypto-exchange markets.

  • Working with professional traders with extensive experience in diverse trading.
  • The portfolio can be formed both in terms of the timing of achieving your financial goal, and in terms of the composition of instruments.
  • We take into account not only direct risks, but also external ones, which leads to high profitability, with an average risk of losses.
  • The recommended time of token ownership is 6 months, the expected yield is 55-70%, the expected risk of loss is 20%.
  • The increased potential return is achieved at the expense of 50% of the value of the token invested in the cryptocurrency, but this higher risk is reduced at the expense of the other 50% of the value invested in the regulated investment fund CapitalPi. The Fund is mainly guided by a discretionary strategy focused on decentralized financing and related assets.


The WRPi token is managed by Warp Capital, a hedge fund with decentralized capital. The fund is open to accredited investors wishing to invest $10,000 in cryptocurrency or blockchain projects. Warp Capital offers the following profit-making strategies:

  • Management of “farming” tokens
  • Provisional arbitration
  • Percentage arbitration

Additional arbitrage opportunities due to early liquidity of promising projects. Management includes automatic monitoring of new strategies and capital movements in the market. Ongoing security audit of software codes and infrastructure Arbitration is also carried out due to the early liquidity of promising projects.

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Income is calculated according to data statistics for 2019-2020 and is listed without platform commission. You can withdraw funds at any time without losing income.
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