Your opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency

ALPi token

Token ALPi is the “share” of the high-risk investment portfolio of a cryptocurrency.


TFPi token

Token TFPi is Yeld Farming’s investment token on the Everscale network.


Crypto Pi

An investment broker that focuses on low-risk technologies for investing and managing cryptocurrency assets when choosing products and projects.

It was founded in the Netherlands in 2017 with one goal – to get the maximum profit by managing the crypto assets of those investors who want to earn money by trading cryptocurrency, but do not want to do it on their own. Yes, this will not be affected by the state or direction of movement of the cryptocurrency market. Yes, without wasting your time. We will do everything ourselves because we know how to do it. Our team has developed solutions for safe work on exchanges that are suitable for investors of any level-beginners and those who are well versed in strategies and markets.

Crypto Pi an international specialized cryptocurrency center created by major global investors.
10 years of experience in asset management.
3 years of work to create own blockchain


ALPi — High-risk alternative cryptocurrencies (ALT Coins) token

ALPi is the “share” of the high-risk investment portfolio of a cryptocurrency. The ALPi tokenized portfolio strategy is based on the trading of alternative cryptocurrencies (ALT Coins) in the leading crypto-exchange markets, which is carried out by professional traders with extensive experience. The trading system is based on the momentum breakout strategy of consolidation accumulation at the moment and is calculated on the basis of the rate of price change over time, considering the market volatility. We choose the mixed strategy with trading full volume with the trend and half volume against the trend variably. ALPi shows high profitability with an average risk of loss.

  • The recommended time of token ownership is 6 months.
  • Expected profitability – 70-120%

TFPi — Everscale (Free TON Network) Yeld Farming token

TFPi is Yeld Farming’s investment token on the Everscale network (Free TON Network). Using TFPi token owners receive passive income in EVER (TON Crystal) cryptocurrency. Strategy profitability is a reward for adding liquidity to the pool of the Everscale network (Free TON Network) project by providing assets on credit or staking cryptocurrencies. Each time the funds are used in exchange transactions, a commission will be credited to the investor’s account in proportion to the share of the invested assets.

  • The recommended time of token ownership is 6 months
  • Expected profitability – 55-80%
  • Easy to save up

    Specify the term and calculate the required investment amount.
  • Easy to repay a loan

    Pay your loan or mortgage with investment income.
  • Easy earnings

    Your unique Fast Income with Everscale Farming.
  • Easy relax

    Choose a country, plan a budget, make a route.
  • Easy trending

    The cryptocurrency market is the fastest growing market.
  • START-UP is easy

    Accumulate capital to open your own successful business.
  • Spend money is easy

    Possibility to withdraw or add any amount at any time.