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Kevin. R. Smith

We would like to announce that our united Dutch/Singaporean cryptocurrency business is now opening representative offices around the world and is ready to provide our clients with the latest technologies in Fintech.


is an international cryptocurrency platform created by large European and Asian investors.

Clients and partners of Crypto Pi get access to expert knowledge and experience in this dynamic new field and can use the advanced financial and technical services which can be tailored to any task and requirements.

The uniqueness of Crypto Pi services is the way that they connect the modern technologies of blockchain with that of classical financial institutions.

Our main services are:


This is an alternative investment fund that implements its trading strategies in the rapidly developing digital currency market and ICOs.


This service provides ready-made integrated solutions for the purchase and installation of the most effective, proven mining equipment in our own data centres.

ICO & ICO fund

Assistance with technical, financial and legal issues at primary placement of tokens and also joint carrying out of ICOs on the basis of Crypto Pi.

Sales & legal framework

We will provide token sales and we’ll create subfunds in partnership with professional participants of the market of digital assets.


Consultation services with leading experts on: legal regulation; financial interaction; technical aspects, and; marketing technologies in Fintech.


Performance of the Crypto Pi Index from 1st January 2018 (expressed in € and BTC).

The platform is engaged in the development of cryptocurrency projects.

Crypto Pi’s management team consists of specialists with many years of experience in stock and currency markets and banking structures, which provides Crypto Pi with a significant advantage over other organizations in this new, complex and fast-growing market.

Crypto Pi conducts a balanced risk management policy with a priority focus on security in the selection of partner crypto-currency projects.

To achieve the best investment results, we use four trading strategies. At the heart of each of them lies the principle of minimizing risks and preserving investment capital.

Start investing in the Crypto Pi platform by buying our token — PiCoin. The cost of PiCoin is initially 100 Euro.

Invest now

We do not have restrictions on the number of tokens — everyone can become our client.


Short term
< 3 months
Medium term
< 6 months
Long term
> 12 months

* The percentages indicate the level of efficiency possible in relation to the term of participation in the short, medium, and long term strategies, taking into account the large costs of buying and selling high-yield assets and the increased costs of very volatile market hedging.

Crypto PI reserves the right to change the ratio of trading strategies.

Сryptocurrency market overview and investvent portfolio CRYPTO Pi

Global cryptocurrency market

Long-term investments usually account for 45% of the total value of the portfolio.

Investments are made in the top ten of cryptocurrencies according to the rating of their capitalization.

Long-term investments in leading cryptocurrencies with high market capitalization and liquidity counterbalance the risks of sharp price fluctuations, and protected cold wallets make long-term storage safe.

of the total value of the portfolio
— long-term investments
0January 2017MarchMayJulyMarchMayJulySeptember 2018Graph° Bitcoin  ° Dash ° Etherium ° Litecoin ° NEMSeptemberNovemberJanuary 201850021100015001000015000500020000$

Hard fork & new currency

Medium-term investments usually account for 30% of the total value of the portfolio.

This is an investment in the currencies formed as a result of the hard fork of major currencies, as well as in new currencies, the capitalization of which exceeded $ 1 billion (with subsequent position adjustments depending on their relative volatility and liquidity at any point in time).

of the total value of the portfolio
— medium-term investments
0Graph° Bitcoin Cash ° Zcash ° Ethereum Classic ° ReddCoin ° Dogecoin0.0150.030103050400016002800700500300100September 2017OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary 2018FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember 2018$

Ico leverage

Short-term investments account for up to 15% of the total portfolio value.

Such investments are made in newly created currencies and ICOs on the basis of an analysis of the investment attractiveness of the underlying projects, and are intended for sale immediately after the period of initial growth.

We recommend such currencies only after their detailed analysis, which includes the study of the business plan, product competitiveness, management team, marketing strategy and all other factors affecting success.

Our experience in investing in ICOs, in addition to high profitability, allows us to maintain close contacts with the best ICO experts and make the best choice when investing.

of the total portfolio value
— short-term investments
0Graph: 5 currencies° NEO ° Qtum ° OmiseGO ° Tokes ° Humaniq0.5151015202550100150200$November 2017DecemberJanuary 2018FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember 2018


About 10% of the total portfolio value is allocated for investing in traditional and cloud mining, as well as for upgrading of mining equipment and for implementation in projects for the creation of AI devices.

Investments in mining pursue not only direct investment goals, but also allow you to constantly update the notion of new digital currencies and blockchain technology.

of the total portfolio value
— investments in mining
0September 2017OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary 2017FebruaryMarchMining’s efficiency graph in 5 examples° Litecoin ° Zcash ° Monero ° Bitcoin ° EthereumAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember 20180,51,0510156540



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Risks of independent trade


An investor who came to the market of cryptocurrency from another field of activity and who has been working most of the time on the main job will not be able to devote enough time to trade.

Knowledge of trading

The lack of professional knowledge in trading leads to costly errors and large losses.


The investment process involves processing a large amount of information in different languages.

Risk management

To maintain discipline when implementing a trading strategy, external control is necessary.

Processing the strategy

Testing strategies requires considerable resources — from time and special knowledge to computing power.


Serious trading involves the availability of specialized trading programs and additional equipment.


Even having the necessary knowledge in the field, not everyone is lucky enough to get good results in the early stages.

However, you will not face the above problems if trading is handled by an experienced and trustworth trader on your behalf — such as Crypto Pi.

Despite the high risks of investment in cryptocurrencies, more and more people are ready to invest their savings in it. After all, on the other side, incredible prospects open up to generate more income.

Alexey Shternshis,

Start investing in the Crypto Pi platform by buying our token — PiCoin. The cost of PiCoin is initially 100 Euro.

Invest now

We do not have restrictions on the number of tokens — everyone can become our client.


We pride ourselves on a professional approach:

  • A large staff in different time zones controls the trading process 24/7.
  • Professional traders with extensive experience in the classical markets and in the cryptocurrency market.
  • A large staff of analysts and marketers in the field of blockchain technology.
  • Regulated process of control over trade operations.
  • Development and operational adjustment of strategies based on analytics and statistics and using patented programs.
  • Huge computing power and constantly updated trading programs (robots and bots).

In recent years, cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular proved to be the most effective investment class: in 2017, bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies grew by more than 1000% and continue to grow, albeit with more volatility in 2018. However, the graph on Page 5 demonstrates that Crypto Pi traders achieved a return of 160% on investments in Bitcoin for the first six months of 2018, easily beating most other investments and those without the same level of experience.

Our professional experience allows us to say that investments in this class will remain highly profitable, but on condition of a correct assessment of the situation on the market.

True success requires in depth knowledge and experience — for this Crypto Pi is the answer!

A closer look at our advantages:

  • We pay a lot of attention to information and analytical support for our clients. It is impossible to move in the right direction without a deep understanding of what is happening in such a young and fast-growing market as a cryptocurrencies. Customers receive the fullest and most comprehensive information about the current situation in the world of «crypto’s» and suffer less from the «information noise» that is so characteristic in recent years of this promising market.
  • We invest a lot in service and active customer support. Each client has a personal manager, which can be contacted at any time of the day and receive detailed advice on the situation in the market and the current state of the portfolio.
  • We are in jurisdictions that favour investors and guarantee them complete confidentiality.
  • We ensure the transparency of public reporting and the absence of problems on the part of regulators.


Our mining centers are located in the areas with the highest level of energy efficiency around the world, as well as equipped with the latest and most efficient equipment.

Due to this, we reduce the cost of providing services and have significant advantages over competitors.

We provide the best possible service at the best possible price.

ICO & ICO fund

We develop new types of cryptocurrency not only with professional ICO teams, but also with individuals.

Recognition of the cryptocurrency by the governments of many countries pushes organizations and institutions to create their own tokens or coins — both for simplified payments and for investment purposes. But these goals can be achieved only with a professional approach and appropriate technologies. Crypto Pi helps to embody what was conceived.

Sales & legal framework

For professional traders already operating ICOs we offer our own licensing solutions for realization of their projects, such as a sub-fund or listing in our trading-payment system.

Our licensed European services help to cope with such labour-consuming and resource-intensive problems such as: receiving funds from third parties; accepting «fiat» funds and their further conversion into digital currencies; crypto-processing; development and maintenance of back-office, and; development of legal documentation.

And all this with 24-hour technical support.


We provide a full range of advisory services on all matters listed above, as well as any other issue related to crypto-trading — the future of commerce.

Tell us about your requirements and the desired results, and we will give you several options for strategies to solve your problems.

Additional benefits

For business people who wish to mitigate their risks further, we have a special strategy that nevertheless is aimed at producing a high income that demonstrates high growth in the long term.

The Fund is based on classical legal principles, as in the organization of a classic licensed Fund.

CryptoPi together with a European partner bank offers its customers the service of purchasing the tokens from debit cards with the subsequent repurchase of these tokens with payment to any bank, electronic, or cryptocurrency account owned by the client.

We can also work with the client to produce their own StableCoin, which is based on a share in the underlying Capital Pi Fund. The structure of the Capital Pi Fund is a low risk, alternative investment fund that is designed to protect capital but provide higher than average returns.

For the convenience of customers and partners, Crypto Pi specialists have provided a functional personal account, one of the advantages of which is the ability to monitor the dynamics of the purchased tokens cost on a daily basis.


Capital Pi

Alternative investment Fund, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The investment activity of the Fund is intended for clients and partners with a high level of equity, who are looking for a Fund which purpose is not only to protect investment capital, but also to generate above average income.


Our own cryptocurrency trading platform, Ex Pi is a licensed international service for the exchange of virtual and other currencies. Exchange is carried out using our own software complex, built on the basis of classical banking technologies.


The company supplies equipment for mining and provides the most favorable conditions in Europe for the cost of renting premises and electricity for mining equipment installation. The company installs and sets up mining equipment, and prepares all the necessary documents for the launch of mining in Europe.


Our offices: