Crypto Pi — International cryptocurrency platform

Created by valuable European and Asian investors
10 years of experience in asset management
3 years of work to create own blockchain

What is Crypto Pi?

Investment platform Crypto Pi Fund proposes its clients investment programs with minimum entry threshold. Crypto Pi Fund is a transparent and open company and hope for the same from the clients. Therefore, a full access to all benefits of our fund is allowed only to verified customers. Which in turn allows to provide legal and financial security for the fund and its clients. Crypto Pi Fund offers its clients a classic fund organised and based on new technological platforms, where token is share and blockchain is a register of fund shareholders.

Crypto Pi is an easy and secure platform for the customers. By purchasing tokens on the Crypto Pi platform, you gain a digital asset equal to a share in Crypto Pi capital which are being monitored by professionals.

Our managers receive commission on success. Meaning, that they earn ONLY in case of a positive financial result based on the results of portfolio management. Management fee is completely absent, in contrast to the policy of most investment funds.

  • A large staff in different time zones control the technical process 24/7.

  • Professionals with extensive experience in the classic and cryptocurrency markets.

  • A big number of analysis and marketing staff in blockchain technology field.

  • Development based on statistic data and patented programs.

  • Regulated control of development and operations processes.

  • Huge processing capacity. Updated trading programs (robots and bots).

    Our team

    The platform is engaged in the development of cryptocurrency projects. Crypto Pi’s management team consists of specialists with many years of experience in stock and currency markets and banking structures, which provides Crypto Pi with a significant advantage over other organizations in this new, complex and fast-growing market.

    Clients and partners Crypto Pi get access to expert knowledge and experience in this dynamic new field and can use the advanced financial and technical services which can be tailored to any task and requirements.

    The uniqueness of Crypto Pi services is the way that they connect the modern technologies of blockchain with that of classical financial institutions.

    Managing tokens

    Andrey Malevich

    Crypto manager, analyst

    Andrey has been specializing in trading, hedge funds and asset management for over 10 years. Risk management, operations in the foreign exchange and stock market, working with futures and indices are not just lines in his resume, they are backed by long work and experience in real transactions. In our company, Andrey will take the position of a crypto manager. With its help, we plan not only to attract investments, but also to provide analytics for the fiat and cryptocurrency market.

    See all of Andrey’s reviews on cryptocurrency trading in pairs is our telegram @picapital_union

    Pi Capital Union

    The Crypto Pi platform is a part of Pi Capital Union — fintech ecosystem with the most popular products on the market and simple financial instruments. We are moving forward together with our customers. In addition to our platform, the Union includes an investment fund Capital Pi, a processing platform Ex Pi and a payment center Pi Payments.

    Capital Pi

    Alternative Investment Fund
    The Fund’s investment activities are intended for high-net-worth individuals who are considered to be sophisticated investors. The Fund aims to generate above average returns for Investors, the main priority of the Fund is primarily the safety of the funds that have been entrusted to us by our clients.

    Ex Pi

    Virtual currency processing platform
    EX Pi is a licensed digital currency processing platform. It allows clients to trade cryptocurrencies and make financial transactions using our volatility protected EuPi stablecoin. Exchange and transactions are carried out using our own software, built on the basis of classical financial institutes technologies.

    Pi Payments

    Payment center and card issue
    Pi Payments — a payment center that provides a complete solution for issuing cards based on the White Label model, which allows financial organizations and corporate clients to launch their own card programs without the need to invest in their own expensive and resource-intensive solution.