Technical analysis of Bitcoin course BTC / USD 15.10.2018

Good day everyone!

And immediately to the main point - this morning someone (guess who) thoroughly repamped bitcoin. The course in just a couple of hours jumped from $ 6,384 to $ 7,788 (Bitfinex).

For comparison, today's highs on different exchanges:

  • Bitfinex $ 7,788
  • Coinbase $ 6,800 !!!
  • Poloniex $ 7,648
  • Bignon $ 7,680

By the way, the difference between Coinbase and Bitfinex currently is $ 450.

It is clear that this was pure manipulation. Moreover, the volume on Bitfinex was even greater than on Binance (57K vs. 56K in a 12-hour candlestick), which is not typical for regular trading. From where ears grow and so it is clear, it is possible not to sound.

Now: corrected to 38.2% fibo, and so far, the desire to grow further is present. The resistance of a large triangle is broken, and the following global targets are at $ 8,500 - $ 9,200.

Such serious manipulations dramatically change the whole picture, and people need some time to rethink the situation and, especially, to believe that the uptrend has begun.

What is better to do now? Look at the top alte (for example, ETC, IOTA, DASH, NEO - they have not grown much relative to the market yet), in case of continued growth they will give a greater profit, compared to bitcoin.

Now the resistance at $ 6,900 does not allow the bitcoin price to move on, although I think it is not for long. As long as everything is on the positive, you can expect a return to $ 7,200 - $ 7,500.


Bottom support: $ 6,770 - $ 6,650 (Fibo 23.6%), $ 6,500.

Since the price movement was created artificially, then it is better not to enter now. The chance to play everything back is present, and it is far from zero.

Short only a pity, but I warned about it.


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