Technical analysis of BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, ZEC courses 04.11.18

Good evening, dear friends!

The weekend came to an end, but this time they were marked by a good upward movement in the Altcoins, for some coins the increase was up to 50%.

Bitcoin BTC / USD

As you can see, the first goal of $ 6,520 worked well (went to $ 6,529), and now the goal of the movement is to reach $ 6,700.

Indicators for 12h - 1d look up.

12 hours

1 day

I recently said once that it was necessary to take a closer look at the Alta, almost all the top Altcoins were interested in buying. 

Ethereum ETH/USD

As long as the price has rested on a strong resistance at $ 213- $ 215, if it can be overcome, then the first goal of the movement will be $ 230, from where you can buy more, then goals for $ 250 - $ 262. While writing the post, the resistance has already been broken, let's go up! We look at the shelf at $ 220 - it can somewhat delay the movement and cool the ardor of buyers.

Indicators for 12h - 1d look up.

12 hours

1 day

 Ethereum classic ETC/USD

The classic has a similar situation, the price is under a strong resistance level of $ 9.6 - $ 9.9, it makes sense to strengthen the purchase from the latter, breaking the resistance of the falling subchannel will contribute to further growth. As we know, the classic sometimes likes to react to growth later than other coins.

Goals: $ 10.6, $ 11.9

Support: $ 9 - $ 8.8

12 hours

1 day

Litecoin LTC/USD

Litecoin also looks quite interesting, the price has broken through strong resistance, and now it will be important to pass the regiment at $ 57 - $ 59 (it makes sense to increase the purchase after breaking through this level and fixing the price above it) to reach $ 66 - $ 69 - $ 72.

At 12 o'clock, stochastics enter the oversold zone, but, in general, there is potential for growth.

1 day - indicators are looking up.

Support: $ 52, $ 50, $ 48


It looks a little less interesting than the above-mentioned altcoins, but, nevertheless, it looks delicious in long-term. The price is at the upper boundary of the triangle, next, at $ 124 goes strong resistance level. It makes sense to strengthen the purchase only after fixing above. This coin has great potential for a portfolio.

Nearest goals: $ 132, $ 135, $ 145, $ 150

Support: $ 120, $ 116, $ 114, $ 108

Indicators on higher timeframes are also confidently looking up.

12 hours

1 day


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