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Once again Bitcoin hits $40 000

Bitcoin has broken the $40 000 wall and has a market cap of $748 906 694 371.

The currency is up from $32 000 earlier this month and is now approaching its all-time high of $42 000.

He had many attempts to take it, but this one seems to be the most real of all after a month of consolidation in January.

The hashrate of the leading cryptocurrency has also reached new heights, breaking 174.9 EH/s.
According to the forecasts of the BTC.com service, the indicator will continue to grow and will amount to 22.05 T (+2.87%).

Digital gold is capitalising on the bullish sentiment in the digital space.

Retail investors are now more and more interested in the cryptocurrency space, because its dynamism cannot leave anyone indifferent, where 1% movement adds up to $100 trillion in global market capitalisation.